No self-respecting Daemon World should be without it's piles of charnel.  Here's a shot of several pieces I made for "filler" scenery for a chaos campaign (you may have noticed them scattered throughout the rest of the Chaos pictures).  The "trophy rack" is made of a cut up Warhammer Quest arch, two skeletal hands from a Skeleton Warriors toy (no longer in production, sadly) and a length of chain decorated with various bones and bits from Spawn toys, such as spinal columns, an meathook with bloody guts on it, a skull, a jawbone, etc.  Note the impaled beastman torso in the center.  You can't make it out, but there's a giant meat cleaver imbedded in the bones just behind him (love those Spawn toys!).  To the left you can see some unfortunate soul racked up on a wheel.  I used an old plastic skeleton, a wheel from the skeleton chariot, and a toothpick to pin it all together.  Most of the skull piles are from Armorcast, and were painted up by my friend Robert (who actually created his own skull piles using plaster casting and clay moulds he made himself!).

Ever since seeing Star Wars, I've loved the image of some giant beast's bony remains bleaching in the sun.  This was a particularly bony Spawn toy that I dismembered and embellished in a fashion typical of much of my smaller chaos scenery.  I usually start with some wandering spiders,  using a mixture of plastic novelty spiders and the nice Warhammer Quest plastic ones.  Then I mount the main component onto a small piece of pressboard with superglue.  Then,I  glued some sand on with white glue, and superglue on discarded weapons, bones from plastic skeleton horses, the odd skull, Bits of armor, and anything else that looks unpleasant (the Chaos Warrior regiment is a good source for bits, by the way!).  I  spray paint the whole piece white, then use a brown wash on all the bony bits.  I then paint the sand black, and paint any weapons or armor in suitable chaos colors.  Finally I drybrush the whole piece with white to get good contrast.

A back  shot of my Khorne chaos temple. The columns are from wedding cake, and are adorned with plastic skulls from halloween novelty rings. I used jewelry chain to hang icons and skeletons from the ceiling. I used epoxy putty to make the flagstones. Ribbed wire sheath trims the roof and base. The Warhammer quest arches make nice chaos scenery too- that's one in the foreground.

Here's a closeup of the Blood Throne in the middle.  I used the lower jaw off of a skeletal horse toy to make the back.  The seat is made of a skeleton rib cage, partially immersed in red wax.  I coated the wax with a layer of gloss red paint to get the bloody look.

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