After the success of flicker bulb lighting in my Mordheim and chaos terrain, I really wanted to build  Imperial terrain with the same benefits.  I also wanted a more gothic feel to my Imperial terrain, thus the Incinerator was born along with the two streetlamps aside it.

The three burner units are made from pill bottles, topped with pieces of hand detailed ABS pipe.  I drilled a series of holes around the pipe, then used a razor saw to cut angles down to the holes, forming the gothic arrowpoint shapes on the tops of the burners.  The burners, and a loading deck, sit atop a plastic case embellished with PVC pipe elbows, skulls, and hoses from lego toys.  The grating on the front of the loading platform is part of a portcullis from the gate house for WizKids' Mage Knight game- wonderfully detailed with rivets, very gothic.

The street lamps are cheap AA battery powered units I found at JoAnn's for just a few bucks.  You can sometimes find similar decorations at Micheal's or even Big Lots around Christmas time.   I mounted the lamps to the battery box (since the weight of the battery box would keep them from toppling over during games) and added sheet plastic around 3 sides of the battery box to make it more square.  Then I added railings, skull trim, rivets, and perforated plastic detail all around the battery boxes.  The hardest part was hiding the wires that ran from the box to the lamp- one unit got damaged and I had to splice the wire so short it runs straight out of the on-off switch hole into the base of the lamp.  The other unit has the wire wrapped all around the battery box, tucked into the gap between the plastic sheet and the battery box and covered in superglue.  Fun...

To get a better view of the flicker bulbs tucked up into the burners from underneath, I cut small holes in the pill bottles and installed small window frames from the Mordheim buildings sprue.  The grating on the tops of the burners is made from K'nex parts, welded into place with concrete patch!  Sharp observers may notice a hint of plug wire snaking out the back of the piece (lower right)- I dremeled several cord-sized notches in the base to allow the wire to run out wherever it can most easily be concealed.

In addition to the light shining out through the grill and windows, some orange light can be seen seeping right through the paint on the sides of the pill bottles!  This gives the effect that the burners are red hot in places, so it works out pretty well even though it was an accident (apparently I didn't spray paint the clear plastic bottles with as much black primer as I thought I had).  The tops of the burners provide plenty of cover, if you aren't worried about being incinerated while up there...

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