A cold and desolate world, it was fun to capture the feel of Hoth as terrain for our Galactic Heroes games.

Aside from the mechanical components of the Rebel defenses, Hoth is primarily a vast frozen expanse of ice and snow. The ice blocks seen here are made of a special packing foam used for packaging computer monitors- a squishy, translucent foam ideal for snow and ice.  I cut out interesting shapes and then melted the edges with a candle to get the rounded look.

The Rebel base's iconic Shield Generator was made from plastic flowerpot bottom trays.  I cut them in half, glued them together clamshell style, and mounted them to a plastic base.  The connecting pieces are made from pop-up sprinkler parts.  The turrets are made from marker pens and lego parts (cannon), Parmesan Cheese lids (turret), Play-doh containers (base), and strips of cardboard and model parts for detail.  The supply crates are made from AC adaptors with the cords and plugs cut off and detailed with model parts.  All of these parts were primed in grey primer, sponge painted with off-white acrylics, and washed with light brown enamel paint.

Here's the Empire-eye view of the Rebel base.  Finally a place for that AT-AT driver to hang out...

The foam pieces can be stacked on top of each other to form an ice cave...


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