These habitation blocks started out as O-scale train hobby buildings, with loads of detail added. The one on the left is made from DPM brand modular building panels. The right one is made from a K-line Fire House kit. Both have custom roofs. Pipes, wires, steel plates, and skull details were all added.  To paint them, I primed them with flat black spray paint, then drybrushed them with brown, red, and tan. Metal pipes and plates were drybrushed with steel, then washed with rust and light brown.

I made another Habs block for someone who had a spare K-line Firehouse (on the left, the original on the right).    This time, I used some wood trim from the craft store around the top, to form a different style roof.

The brick boxes on the back of the new building are made from the original building's chimney.   I used more red and tan when painting the new one, for a lighter finish that makes the washes really stand out.  .  Click here for another view.

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