My favorite figures for skirmish games are the 1/300 scale Strategy of Gundam figures.  SOG mainly covers the 1 year war, so you'll only find units for Federal Forces and Zion, not much else.  But they're still fun to collect and fight with!


One thing the Federal Forces have plenty of is artillery units!   There's a Guncannon D and a couple regular guncannons.  The guntanks and hover trucks are the 08th MS team style, from SOG 2.   Hover trucks are great for scanning!   The Type 61 tanks are converted Micro Machines M60 tanks.  They are a bit too big for 1/300 scale, but we enjoy them anyway!  To make the guns, I cut away the original gun, made a new mantlet out of square model sprue, drilled holes for the barrels, and made barrels out of nails and rubber tubing.  Click here to see work in progress.

Gundam, Guntank, and Core Booster players appreciate having a core fighter model in case they need to eject- too bad I only have one!  The Core Boosters and Fan-Fan have the Jet upgrade in our games, for hit and run fun.  The orange ball serves us as a repair unit- it is the K type from SOG 2, with the guns removed.  These kind of cheap units are really fragile, but lots of fun!

This is all the GM types I have put together so far, but many more are on the way!  The one on the left is cobbled together out of pieces from various Gundams and a wrecked GM.  The GM-striker has impressive melee for a cost-1 unit.  The standard GMs are reliable units, their shield increasing their lifespan enough to accomplish something if they are lucky.

One thing you'll have plenty of when collecting are GUNDAMS.  I try to get some variety though, so each one has something unique.  The Heavy Gundam has the Artillery upgrade, the Fullarmor Alex has the armor upgrade, the Gundam with Hyper Hammer has the melee upgrade, the GP-02 can take loads of equipment cards (arsenal for sure), and the Ez-8 and Ground Type Gundams are statted as cheaper units so you can afford at least SOME kind of Gundam, even in low point games!
fortress gundam!?
AAAGH!!!  It's a... Psycho Gundam?   We wanted a big, scary threat for the Zion to battle, so I converted this GFF Heavy Gundam into what I call the "Fortress Gundam"- sort of a prototype for the Psycho Gundam, without the Psychommu.  It makes up for it with lots of GUNS and heavy armor!   Clearly a base 5 unit, we gave it Artillery and Fortress upgrades for good measure.  Click HERE for the Federal perspective...


Finally enough Zakus!  I ended up with a couple Zaku Minelayers, which have cool minelaying backpacks but no other weapons!  So I equipped them with Bazookas instead.  The one in the middle is an FZ Zaku from War in the Pocket.  I had to make a Machine Gun for the front left Zaku- the drum is part of a Kampfer chainmine, and other parts came from a 1/250 scale plastic kit I had lying around.

The Shin Matsunaga and Johnny Ridden Zakus are perfect candidates for Ace pilot cards.  The Zaku Sniper has the artillery upgrade to reflect its long range.  And the Custom Zaku on the right is Aina's from 08th MS team- I gave it the Jet upgrade so it can work alongside  the Doms.  The Magella Attack tanks and Cui assault vehicles are extremely rare- they only come in the SOG EX set, so if you see one, grab it!   I made the Luggun recon plane myself, using a die cast metal 747 jet,  Airsoft BBs, Lego antennas, and parts from an SOG Zogok for the domes, and the cockpit is made from a model Geara Doga's sturm faust warhead! Click Here and here to see work in progress.

The Gouf Custom and Flying Gouf are great assault units (get them both in the SOG 2 set).  This Kampfer combines parts from the two versions available for a complete arsenal.  The Gyan is a surprisingly nice looking model, and a good choice for an assault unit that's sturdier than a Gouf.

Doms!  The Dom on the left is actually a MS Selection figure, but it was the right size for SOG.  I've managed to collect enough sets to get the Black Trinary team together, and the red Dom on the right makes a good commander unit when needed.

Although there are rather nice SOG figures of the Sazabi and Geara Doga available, I can't afford them, and used some spare MS Collection figures instead.  There are three different versions of the Ziong in the SOG series, so you're bound to end up with one of them- the Perfect Ziong is pictured here.  The standard Gelgoog includes a shield at least.  I prefer the Johnny Ridden Gelgoog to Char's- less pink, thank  you.

So that's all for now, but I have many more units to ink and assemble, including loads of Zion Marine Units.  Stay tuned!

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