SD Gundam Gashapon Figures

For our SD ERA games, we like to use SD Gundam Gashapon Fullcolor figures whenever possible.  But you'll find some other interesting figures in use here too!
For the curious, I listed the game stats for some of the units below the pictures.  For example, (3M) would be a base-3 Melee unit.  On with the show, and happy collecting!


One thing you'll never have trouble collecting is GUNDAMS.  From L to R: Ez8 (3M), Ground type Gundam (3C), Gundam with 2 bazookas (4A), Standard Gundam (4V),  Melee Gundam (4M), and a custom flight pack version in the back (4F).   When the SD Gundam Fullcolor line first started out, the figures were pretty large!  So the GMs  (2C) you see on the right are bigger than most of the later figures (compare the tiny GM commando on the left).  The Guncannon and Guntank are available in SD Fullcolor 21, or you can get the really nice 2006 SP set to aquire them.    The two Balls are actually from the ORIGINAL, single color, eraser style SD figures.  I painted them with Testor Acrylic paint.   The Trailer (1T) is actually an SOG trailer, minus the back half.  The Dendrobium (5B) came from the DX2 set, though it is also available in SD Fullcolor 21.


The Zion have more different types of units than any other army!  Some highlights here include the Sampson Trailer (1T) with aGouf on it (from SD Fullcolor 28), the Gallop (2T) from the DX2 set, two Magella Attack tanks (1A) I was able to purchase seperately, a whole mess of Marine units, A Zakutank (1M) and Zaku Cannon (2A) in the center that came with the 2006 SP set (but are also available in the Zaku Special set), and plenty more Doms and Zakus.  The uppermost Zaku is an original Gashapon Eraser I painted myself.

Even more Zion!  I'm particularly happy with the Big Zam (5B) and the Neue Ziel (5M) (DX2 again).  The Bigelow and the Brau Bro are both from the original Eraser sets, hand painted.  Yes, there are two Ziongs, the things are everywhere, but I made them unique by giving one (5V),  and the one with the flight pack (5F).  The Char Gelgoog (4V) and the Gelgoog Jager (4F) are different enough to merit their own stats, and the Char Zaku is probably the only (2V) unit in the game.


Our collection doesn't stop at the One Year War, no sir!  Zeta and ZZ include some of my favorite MS designs, and I was pleased to discover how many of them I could find in SD form.  I'm particularly proud of the Super Gundam (4A), Rick Dias (3C), and Full Armor ZZ (5A).  The  Megarider (1T) was purchased seperately and can be extended to fit an SD on board like this melee Gundam Mk II (4M).  The G-Defenser (2F), Nemo III (2A), and Radish (in the back) are all vintage Gashapon Erasers I hand painted.  The GMIIIs (2C) make great cheap units for AEUG players, from the Fullcolor 13 set (since it's much harder to track down a Nemo).


Titans are my favorite army, so I went out of my way to put this collection together, mainly from Fullcolor Series 6, 8, and 12 (which also include some of the AEUG units above).  Though slightly larger than most Fullcolor Gashapon SDs, these are all great looking units.  I made the Hizack and the Marasai both (2C) because you always need more cheap units.  The Gabthley and Gaplant are both (3F), and with the Messala at (4F), the Titans have plenty of fast units!  The O (4M) and the Hammurabi (2M) provide melee, the Pallas Athene (3A) is a good artillery unit, and just for variety I made the Asshimar a (3H) since I have a little mobile armor version to represent it hiding. The Mk. II (4V) and Byalant (3V) provide some veterans to the mix.   The Psycho Gundam (5B) is from the DX2 set, so it is nicely oversized.  The Gousha on the bottom right (2H) is another repainted vintage Eraser figure.  Though technically not a Titans unit, it has the right look and feel to go with the rest of the army.

Axis units are some of the best MS designs, often overlooked since ZZ wasn't very popular. Most of the units are from Fullcolor 14, but  I got two sets of Fullcolor 13 so I could have two of the Gaza Cs (2C), which meant I also had two Dreissens (3M) and two Bawoos (4V).  The Capule (2H), Desert Zaku (2H), Hamma Hamma (3V), and R Jaja (3M) are all vintage eraser figures I painted.  Although the Psycho Gundam Mk II (5B) and the Quin Mantha (5B) aren't oversized, they are still cool looking units.   The Doven Wolf (4A) is a hefty Artillery unit, and the strange looking Jaml Fin (3F) is a suprisingly effective little unit.  The ship in the background is from Seed, but I thought it made  a nice transport (3T) for the Axis. 


Although they don't have a wide variety of units, these figures were some of the only ones ever released in the US, and they came with this really nice Ra Cailum (3T) ship, perfect for the Convoy Mission in the game.  The Jegans (3C) are hardy and affordable units, the Re-GZ (3F) is plenty fast, and the Nu-Gundam (4B) is quite deadly for its size.


The Neo-Zion were also part of the aforementioned US release, and they also got their own impressive ship- a Loroula (3T).  Like the Londo Bell, they have sturdy but affordable Geara Dogas (3C), a blue Veteran one (3V), Jagt Dogas (3B), and of course the Sazabi (4B).  I threw the Ash in there(3H) just 'cause it seemed to fit in with this army, who had no other hide units to choose from.

Here's a shot of some of our components.  The Gems are glass beads from the craft shop, good for tracking points.  The black, flexible measuring sticks are made by cutting up a plastic report cover.  The Bombs are for the Kick-Bomb scenario, made from wooden balls painted black, with red plastic "fuses" glued into pre-drilled holes.  The Soccer Balls are from a Foosball table, and some typical 16mm dice are in back.  The mini-figures in the front are from the DX2 set.  I don't know what they're for yet, but I'm sure they'll show up in some kind of crazy scenario at some point!

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