East Asia, UC 0087

The One Year War has been over for 7 years.  The Federal Forces patrol the Earth Sphere, watching for remnant Zeon forces but growing more complacent every year.  Zeon survivors are split across three factions: the Zabists, who boldly prepare to restore the glory of the Zeon Empire and wipe out the lazy, unprepared Federal Forces- by any means necessary.  The Daikunists,  who want mankind to evolve into the next step of humanity and grow beyond war.  And the Pirates, who just want to forget the war and survive however they can- usually by raiding Federal holdings and distributing them to the beleagured Civilians, who try to eke out a living in the wreckage of the war.

The PCs

(Left)  Myla Vo, a civilian Salvager and MS Crafter, and her custom Hi Maneuver Zaku.  (Middle)  Kate Chamberlain, civilian Helicopter Pilot and reporter.    (Right)  Lizzy Phelps, FF Academy student and technical whiz.

(Middle) Gabala Steggan, Daikunist veteran with Zaku I.  (Right)  Barnaby Ur, Dakunist veteran with Agguy.

(Left) Zayna Farrah- Pirate and War Orphan, with Zaku II.  (Right)  Cray Douglas- reluctant Pirate, with Gog marine MS.


Desperate for supplies, Daikunist soldiers Barnaby and Gabala attack a Federal Forces transport to steal supplies.  On board, on her way to the Academy, Lizzy Phelps is caught in the attack.

But the Federal transport is prepared, with two GMs hidden inside  to repel just such an attack.  As Myla Vo and Pirate Cray Douglas join in the attack, they manage to get away with a crate of supplies.  But now they must negotiate how to split them amongst all parties...

A mysterious new shipment has arrived at a Federal port- and when the Zabists boldly attack,  Kate Chamberlain discovers the shipment contains Newtype Research technology.  Are the Federal Forces planning to develop their own Newtype soldiers for the next war?  Who are the black-uniformed scientists accompanying the Newtype tech?

Meanwhile, Shinan Zahn leads his bloodthirsty Zionist soldiers on a path of destruction, boldly attacking the Federal Forces Academy.

The Academy commander is killed in the attack, and Lizzy Phelps scrambles to the Mobile Suit hangar and commandeers the commander's Fullarmor Gundam to fight off the attacking Zabists.

When Shinan Zahn takes over the Pirate base, Cray Douglas abandons the Pirates, and joins with the Daikunists at their secret jungle base.

But a new faction has come into play- the TITANS, a militant anti-terrorist group looking to replace the moderate Federal Forces as leaders of the Earth Sphere.   They take over the Academy, and begin training some of the students to become Artificial Newtype soldiers!

In retaliation of Shinan Zahn's attacks, the Titans ruthlessly attack a local village accused of housing terrorist forces.  The village is the home of ex pirate leader Mahia Beach's family, and the Daikunist and Pirate forces must rally to save the village from destruction.

In the aftermath of the attack, the Daikunists and Pirates swear a pact to stop this new enemy- the Titans.

Unfortunately, the Titans next target is the hidden Daikunist jungle base!  The Titans unleash their new black Gundam Mk. II units against the front entrance...

...while the back entrance comes under attack by a new Psychommu System Hizack- a test bed for the Titans newest Artificial Newtype.  The Daikunists and Pirates must flee the base, now looking for a new home...

The Daikunists use their Marine units to attack an old Federal Forces Yukon class submarine waiting to be decommissioned- and take it for their own!   .

The Yukon submarine becomes their new mobile base, and they beat a hasty retreat.

As the Titans rise in power, they mount an attack on Shinan Zahn's Pirate base.  The Daikunists reluctantly come to assist their fellow Zeon soldiers, but the Titans attack with new Transformable Mobile Suits to devastating effect.

Shinan Zahn's forces fight ferociously...

...but it's not enough to stop the overwhelming firepower of the Titans forces, and the Daikunists have to force the Zabists to retreat.

The Zabists and Daikunists are now joined by Pirates and Lizzy Phelps against their new and terrible foe- the Titans.