The Principality of Zeon started with idealistic notions of mankind evolving away from dependency on the Earth, as proposed by Zeon Zum Daikun.  But when the Zabi family turns  Zeon idealism into anti-Earth Fascism, Daikun is murdered in the process.   Daikunists in our campaign are those Zeon who still believe in the dream of independence but must conceal themselves from their more fanatical Zabi-loving brethren.

Two Zaku IIs, a Gouf Custom rearmed with a hyperhammer, a Zaku I, and a green Gouf rearmed with a Zaku Machinegun (because Kondo made it cool).   All the figures are from the Ultimate Operation (UO)  figure series, which have great details and paint, but sometimes get a bit rediculous with the poses.  These figures were weathered with dark brown washes and based up for more stability.  Note the pilot figures are actually 1/100 scale, and the vehicles are 1/144, because at 1/220 they'd be so tiny as to be useless in games.  The truck is a Micromachines toy.  The Wappa hoverbikes are from the 1/144 Zaku Ground War model set.

Two UO Doms, a UO Dom Tropen, and a custom "Heavy Gelgoog" figure made with parts from a UO Gelgoog Cannon and a skirt from a 1/300 SOG Ziong figure.  These units showed up midway thru our  campaign.

A MS Selection Magella Attack Tank, a UO Zaku I, and an SOG Agguy.  Although the Agguy is the wrong scale, it still looks pretty cool, so we rolled with it!  These were starter units for some of our PCs.

This UO Zaku II was rearmed with a Bazooka and Sturm Faust.  The UO Gog figure has a nice marine camo.  These were starter units for our two PIRATE PCs.

This high mobility Zaku was made by mixing UO Zaku and Gelgoog parts.  The UO Gyan is nice, and the UO Flying Gouf even nicer!   These were mid-campaign units.

It turns out the Standart Baund Doc figure was no bigger or better than the HG Selection figure seen here.   The UO Pallas Athene figure is amazing however.   These were late game units,  repurposed as hand built Zeon or Pirate units because the Titans already had enough units!

The UO Jagt Doga and Dreissen figures are beautiful, properly scaled, and surprisingly affordable compared to the more snobbish Standart figures.  These were the final units for two of our PCs.  It's annoyingly hard to find ZZ Gundam figures at 1/220 scale, so the Dreissen is a welcome exception.


Unlike the Daikunists who are biding their time and hiding out on Earth, the Zabists are just itching to get their revenge on the Federal Forces.   Led by Shinan Zahn, they cause so much trouble that, in retaliation, a new faction appears- the Titans- who have no trouble securing martial law on Earth in order to stop these "Zeon terrorists".

Some of the UO Zaku IIs had spikeless shoulders, so we relegated them to the Zabist faction.  The two Standart Marasais are the coolest figures EVER to be made in this scale, and they were the whole reason we decided to use 1/220 figures for our RPG.  Although Marasais are traditionally a Titans unit, they just look so menacing and Zaku inspired, especially in the Unicorn series' green color scheme.  One of them is rearmed with a beam rifle from the 1/220 Marasai Plamo kit.

Two UO Geara Dogas and a Standart one that I did a Headrock style conversion on, inspired by Kazuhisa Kondo's Dogs of War manga.   Later in the campaign, the Zabists upgrade to these units.  Although technically from much later in the Gundam series, they were just too cool to not include in our campaign.

Since our campaign was an Alternate History retelling of Zeta Gundam, we left out famous characters like Char and Amuro to make room for our own PCs and their stories.  Thus, this Standart Sazabi (center) was repainted to match the flanking Standart Marasais, and assigned as Shinan Zahn's final MS in the campaign.


Our RPG campaign is set after the One Year War.  Federal Forces units from the war are still in service, searching for Zion remnants and suppressing Pirates.

Standart GM IIIs, and a UO Ground type Gundam.  I liked the  GMIII colors so much, I repainted my  Gundam to match!  The FF academy cadets get to use GM III units in their training.

The GMs are really old plastic figures, repainted in those GMIII colors again.  UO Guncannons and a Standart Fullarmor Gundam round out these venerable units. 

Two Universal Unit (UU) GM Customs, a UO space type GM, and two Standart GM Sniper IIs.  In the center is a Mega Bazooka Launcher from an AK Hyaku Shiki figure.  These units are used by elite Federal Forces veterans who end up allying with the PCs when the Villainous Titans try to take over everything.

For our special Federal Forces Naval Task Force, we used a Universal Unit (UU) Zeta Plus and GM Custom units.  We also gave them a converted and painted toy Aircraft Carrier!


Formed to combat the "rise of Zeon Terrorism", the Titans use brute force to build a Fascist police force that turns the former Federal Forces into, at best, underfunded social workers. 

Center, a beautiful Standart Titans Gundam Mk II.  On either side, UO Titans Test Type GMs.  The UO GMs on the outsides have been repainted to match.

Mid-campaign Titans units such as these two UO Gabthleys and UO Messala really escalate the threat level the PCs had to deal with!

A UO Prototype Gundam, and two Standart Rick Dias figures, were reassigned to the Titans for our campaign since they looked so cool in black.  The Asshimar in the center is actually a 1/220 Plastic Model Kit, painted in black and blue colors to match the other Titans units from our campaign.

This figure is actually a 1/144 scale Fix Figuration Psycho Gundam Mk II, repainted in original Psycho Gundam colors.  The Psycho Gundam is already enormous, so using a 1/144 scale figure in our 1/220 campaign was even more outlandish, but hey, the whole point of the Psycho Gundam is that it's enormous, right?  It just seemed to work.  Needless to say, this was a Final Boss unit for our campaign.


To add color and history to our battlefields, I scrapped some of my old plastic figures that were falling apart anyway, and heavily weathered them.  The sitting Zaku wreck is inspired by Bernie's crashed Zaku from War in the Pocket.

For our Pilot, Crew, and Civilian figures, we used a mix of 1/100 scale Gundam Pilot figures, and 1/100 scale Architectural Model figures painted to look like Zion, Federal, and Titans uniformed characters.

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