The generator has very fine detail on it- some of the smaller rivets are actually shaved off of Necromunda plastic bulkheads! The winged skull was made by combining an airline promotional badge and a plastic skull novelty ring. Cheap and effective! The larger rivets are more of those good ol' 3mm 1/2 rounds,except on this piece I filed the heads flat. Notice the pipe brackets, made of sheet lead cut into tiny strips and wrapped around the pipe, with a rivet added for realism. The tiny red toolbox sitting below the open access hatch is little more than the middle of a Goliath's Autogun. The crank wheel on the large pipe is just a Citadel round shield with holes drilled, plus a rivet in the center. This building was painted in the usual manner- primed in black and drybrushed with Testors Enamel paint, plus a rust wash.

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