The following types of terrain are available for purchase, and can be produced on request.  Please e-mail if you are interested in any of the following terrain pieces, and we'll make arrangements for a smooth transaction.  All pieces listed come fully assembled and hand painted, and are made of durable materials.  Prices do not include shipping, which are typically $5-10 for packages within the continental US.  If you have questions about terrain not listed here, purchasing or shipping questions, color scheme requests, or special projects in mind, feel free to ask.  Time permitting, almost anything is possible.  Get yours today, before the Hutts raise the prices!

THE ACCESSORY  KIT  includes a Coolth vent, a Moisture Vaporator, and a Condensor Block to keep things running smoothly! $40.

THE HOMESTEAD gives your figures a shady haven to relax in.  Come on in for some blue milk and give your droids a nice oil bath! $40.

THE TOWER  makes an impressive landmark, and creates plenty of shade from the twin suns.  $60.

THE POWER STATION is a great place to waste time with your friends, tune up your speeder, or pick up some power convertors.  $60.

Thanks to everyone for your interest in Necromundicon terrain, and I look forward to meeting your needs for innovative, inspiring terrain.

-Sean Patten

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