This building started out as a Hot Wheels Car Crusher toy! I completely stripped it down and re-detailed it, including adding the brick paneling along the base to cover up holes in the original toy. Although the Forge is an earlier model and has a more primitive paint job, the details are still strong. The Junk pile was built up with various toy and model parts, including bits from the original crusher toy. The eagle is actually a pewter badge that I picked up from a UK Games Workshop store, but I don't think they have them anymore. Plastruct girders were added to the pylons (along with rivets) for that reinforced look. Plenty of pipes on this one- mostly copper and plastic tubing. I used some stickers and decals from toys to add character to the base paint job. Usually it's a good idea to paint over stickers with a matte finish so they aren't so glossy looking.

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