Often times, as hive worlds get more and more industrialized, habitation blocks are converted into fabrication units, churning out volatile chemicals, weapons, or other quick sell items, particularly in the lower parts of the hive where normal people refuse to live.   This Fab unit has been taken over by a Delaque gang.  The basic structure for this building is one of the Armorcast Terraform stucco building sets (which assemble quite quickly and easily by the way).  I added girder pieces to the corners (from a model train store), razor handles (the support beams seen mostly on the lower right), dust collector units (also from the train store) which are awesome looking industrial detail (the three brown things on the upper storey), and various other bits, including two pipe end pieces also available from Armorcast (on the lower left) that have a nice "buttress" look to them.  The whole thing was primed black inside and out, then drybrushed grey, tan and steel and washed with rust colors mostly.

The neat thing about the Armorcast kits is that they are designed to have removable roofs, so you can put models inside on the floors and have them shooting right out of the windows.  Here you can see three delaque gangers making good use of the cover provided by the building.

There are actually four floors to the building- the Armorcast kit supplies sheet styrene (plasticard) pieces for forming the in-between floors as well as the roof.  I found that the windows looked a bit too numerous for a gothic style building, so I filled several of the windows in with ventilation fans, armor plates, machinery control blocks, brick wall, and anything else I could think of.  The modular construction is very easy to adapt.    The "stucco" finish drybrushes quite well, and carries a wash pretty well too, though I normally prefer the look of brick since it has a more gothic feel to it.

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