The latest terrain for our Galactic Heroes games is the forest moon of Endor.

As worlds go, a forest isn't the most exotic location, but that didn't prevent me from doing my utmost to capture the look and feel of Endor.   I started with the big trees, essentially plastic pipe covered in crinkled brown paper.  Lots of white (PVA) glue helps, as does a sturdy plastic base weighted down with some rocks for stability.  The platforms are foam core with a hole cut in them to slide down over the pipe, then covered with strips from a wood-slat placemat I cut up.  The huts are large plastic Easter eggs, cut to fit the trees and a door cut in them, then covered with brown paper and topped with some fake fur matted down with glue to form the thatch roofs.

The smaller trees are made of branches from an artificial Christmas tree (er, guess we'll need a new tree this year).  After clipping them off the tree with tin snips, I coated them in white glue and smoothed the needles downward before letting them dry.  The dirt bases are made of sound dampening board (like that used on the Mechwarrior table), hardboard, and plenty of white glue.  I drilled holes for the trees and glued them in.  The ferns are made from cake decoration palm tree fronds and aquarium plants, tacked in place with small nails.  The toppled tree trunks are made from the roots of some shrub my wife excavated in the side yard (Reduce, Reuse, recycle- we're big on Reuse).

Until someone has a birthday around here, we have just the one Ewok.  But I dug out my Kenner Scout Walker for the occasion and this little battle scene happened.  Look for more Endor terrain in the distant future...

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