See more in White Dwarf issue 309!

This third round of Eldar terrain was done for the Alien Defenses article in WHITE DWARF Issue 309 (p. 86).   This pic did not appear in the article (in its entirety), so I present it here for your enjoyment.   The article covers how I made the small watchtowers, razor wire, mine field, fuel dump, and the two medium sized towers.  The larger towers are the ones covered in the Eldar 2 page.

The tall central tower is a new piece that didn't get coverage in the article either- here's a "before paint" shot of it.   The whole thing is based around a wooden candlestick I got at a thrift shop.  The top is a PVC drain cover turned upside down with notches cut into it with a mototool.  Oversize pushpins trim the top.  Christmas light clips and plastic clothespins form the next level of detail.  Cut down golf tees come next, then another variety of plastic clothes pins, and parts from some plastic hair curlers.  At the bottom are more clothes pins and oversize pushpins.

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