A Mechanicus recovery team inspects the wreckage of the Cutter Dauntless, hoping  to discover what happened to the crew...
This terrain was originally created for the Games Workshop store in Kent, but is now at the Game Wizard and Blue Sky Hobby in Bremetron, WA- a great store with loads of game tables downstairs.  If you have a chance, be sure to stop by and check it out!

In addition to shearing in half on impact, several panels on the starboard side of the ship have blown out during reentry, exposing the forward holds and evacuating whatever cargo was held there.

An enginseer determines the extent of the damage, and possible salvaging methods.

The reinforced bow was designed to survive ramming enemy ships.  The force of  impact would  have been much worse if not for its sturdy construction.

The bridge is surveyed by recovery team members.  In the event of enemy attack during salvage, the reinforced deck will make an excellent bastion to fight from- particularly if the turrets are reactivated...

The rear cargo hold reveals few clues as to the cause of the crash, but the assessors and servitors leave no bolt unturned.

Two of the three primary plasma engines remain.  The third may have ripped loose during reentry, leaving the exposed couplers behind.

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