Here are some quick conversion ideas- being hasty,  I didn't bother to make nice, professional how-to pictures.  Hope you like 'em...
PLASTIC GRENADE LAUNCHER!  (See an example here).
  • At least a foot length of  1/16" diameter plastic tubing (styrene).
  • Some strip plastic, about 1/16" x 1/8"
  • Plastic Ork Shoota with Drum feed (from the new plastic Ork sprues)
  • Targeter scope from the new Space Marine plastic sprues (optional)
  • Razor Saw or Jeweler's saw
  • Liquid Polystyrene cement (solvent)
Okay, first, saw the Ork Shoota in half, right down the center of the drum (as indicated by the grey line in the picture to the left). 

Next, cut 7 lengths of tubing, about 2" long (more if you want to make lots of these) and rubber band them together in a bundle as pictured (bottom left).  Now just dab some solvent cement on the end of the bundle to glue the tubes to each other.  Be sure to use styrene tubing so it glues easily (available in most hobby shops).

Let the bundle DRY, then saw off a length of it about 3/8" long.  Cut a length of the strip plastic the same length.   Sand or file the end of the bundle if you need to so that  it is flat. 

Now glue the bundle in between the two halves of the shoota, centering on the drum part of the shoota.  You should be able to see about half of each of the pipes sticking out past the drum if you look down the front or back of the gun.  Next, glue the strip plastic along the top to fill in the gap over the bundle.

Finally, if you wish, you can add a scope- just glue it on top of the plastic strip.   To get a space marine to hold your Grenade Launcher, use the bolter firing arms, remove the grip from the ork Shoota, open up the Marine's left hand by bending the fingers down so they fit around the fat barrel, and glue the gun in place. 

Ta da!   One chunky, all plastic Grenade Launcher- now make some more! 

HEAVY MISSILE LAUNCHER!  (See examples here and here.)
  • 40K 3rd Ed. Plastic Missile Launcher (from Tactical squad)
  • 40K 2nd Ed. Metal Missile Launcher (from Devastator squad)
  • Razor Saw or Jeweler's Saw
  • Superglue
Right, this one's pretty simple, really.   With a Razor saw or Jeweler's saw, cut the metal missile launcher at the red lines shown.  This will yield parts A and C.  NOTE:  part C does NOT have to come from the metal missile launcher- if you have some tubing that is the right diameter, just use that instead and save yourself some cutting.

Next,  Take the Launcher arrm  (for part B) and the launcher end piece (for part D) off the sprue.  Glue the parts together in sequence (note, part D is not shown from the side as it should be in the diagram- I'm too lazy to get the right pic).  Just line everything up as seen in the examples above, and superglue in place.  If you are worried about strength, drill holes down the center and pin the whole thing together with some brass wire.  If you pin, drill your holes carefully so the pieces all line up nicely!  Flat ends and a little fussing go a long way towards lining the parts up right- keep checking from the top and side to make sure it looks straight as you glue.

You  should be able to glue the completed missile launcher arm and the left arm (from the plastic sprue) onto a marine with little or no trouble.   Embellish the model with additional missile ammo as you see fit.  There- a missile launcher that actually looks like a HEAVY weapon! 

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