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Current Base of Operations
Successor Chapters
Dark Angels
Dark Green Lion El' Jonson (missing) Caliban (X) The Rock (asteroid base)

Recruit worlds: Piscina V

13th BC.
Characters: Luther (traitor- led Dark Angels  known as the Fallen). Azrael, 
Ezekiel , Bethor, Sapphon, Asmodai
Angels of Absolution, Angels of Redemption, Angels of Vengeance (unforgiven) IA:v1
All records expunged from the Library- Order origination unknown
Emperor's children
Purple Fulgrim 
(daemon Prince)
Chemos (X) (EOT) Slaanesh.
13th Black Crusade.
Characters: Lucius the Eternal,  Fabius Bile (ex- Lt. Cmdr)
Excommunicate Traitoris
Iron Warriors
Steel, Brass Perturabo
(daemon Prince)
Olympia (X) Medrengard (EOT) Siege masters. 
Rivals: Imperial Fists.
13th Black Crusade.
Excommunicate Traitoris
White Scars
White Jaghatai
Khan (missing)
Mundus Planus Mundus Planus Fast attack. Marauders, Rampagers, Destroyers,  Storm Lords IA:v1
Space Wolves
Grey Lemann 
Russ (missing)
Fenris Fenris (the Fang) Geneseed Flaw (Wulfen)
Rivals: Thousand Sons.
Fully committed vs 13th Black Crusade.
Wolf Brothers WD257 p.104
Imperial Fists
Yellow Rogal Dorn (killed) Inwit? 
Fortress Monastery "Phalanx" Siege masters. 
Rivals: Iron Warriors.
Characters: Sgt. Lysander, Chapter Master Vladimir Pugh, Chaplain Lo Chang, Librarian Franz Grenstein
Black Templars, Crimson Fists WD258 p.76
N: Space Marine
Night Lords
Dark Blue Konrad Curze, aka Night Haunter (assassinated) Nostramo (X) Tsagualsa [EF] until Curze assassinated, now in EOT Night fighters, Stealth infiltrators, Terror tactics, Night vision.  13th Black Crusade.
Excommunicate Traitoris
WD259 p.57
Blood Angels
Red Sanguinius (killed by Horus) Baal Secundus Baal Prime, Secundus Geneseed Flaw (Red Thirst).  Characters: Dante (LORD), Cleutin (vet sgt), Mephiston (chief librarian), Corbulo (apothecary), Tycho (captain) Angels Encarmine, Angels Sanguine, Angels Vermilion, Blood Drinkers, Flesh Tearers WD260 p.88
Iron Hands
Black Ferrus Manus
Medusa Medusa (EOT) Bionics used to replace perceived weakness.
Characters: Iron-Father Paullian Blantar,  Dreadnought Blannus
Defended Medusa from 10,000 renegade tanks during13th BC.
Red Talons, Brazen Claw WD261 p.44
WD287 p.69
All records expunged from the Library- Order origination unknown
World Eaters
(white, blue pre-heresy)
Angron (daemon prince) Unknown
(Planet included a Mtn. known as Fedan Mhor- site of slave rebellion led by Angron)
Scattered since Skalathrax Khorne. 
Psycho-Surgery (agression)
13th Black Crusade.
Character: Kharn the Betrayer
Excommunicate Traitoris
WD262 p.36
Blue Roboute Guilliman (killed by Fulgrim) Macragge Macragge (Defended from  Hive Fleet Kraken invasion) 
Charadon Crusade
13th BC (1 honor company)
Most stable Geneseed.  Originator of Codex. Characters: Marneus Calgar (MASTER), Tigurius (Chief Librarian), Cassius (Chaplain), Helveticus (Standard), Invictus (Capt, 1st Co.) Aurora, Black Consuls, Eagle Warriors, Genesis Chapter, Inceptors, Libators, Nemesis, Novamarines, Patriarchs of Ulixis, Praetors of Orpheus, Silver Eagles, White Consuls. (total 23 2nd founding) WD263 p.18
Death Guard
Green / brown
(off-white pre-
Mortarion (daemon prince) Barbarus (X) Plague Planet (EOT) Nurgle.
13th Black Crusade (Subiaco Diablo).
Character: Typhus
Excommunicate Traitoris
Thousand Sons
Blue, Yellow
(red pre- heresy)
Magnus the Red (daemon prince) Prospero (X) Planet of the Sorcerors (EOT) Tzeentch. 
Most mutated gene seed of all primarchs.
Rivals: Space Wolves.
13th Black Crusade.
Character: Ahriman.
Excommunicate Traitoris
WD266 p.62
(Luna Wolves)
(Sons of Horus)
Black Legion
(light grey)
(pale green)
Horus (killed by Emperor) Cthonia (X) EOT Character:  Abaddon (current Commander).  Leader of many black crusades including the most recent (13th BC).
Excommunicate Traitoris
WD267 p.31
Word Bearers
Crimson Lorgar (daemon Prince) Colchis 
(X  by Ultra- marines)
EOT, Maelstrom Chaos undivided.  13th Black Crusade.
Excommunicate Traitoris
WD269 p.111
Green, Black pads Vulkan (missing) Nocturne Prometheus (moon of Nocturne) Smallest 1st founding legion.  Loyal in Badab War. Characters: Tu'shan (chapter master), Xavier (Chaplain)
None Known (possibly Storm Giants, Black Dragons)
WD273 p.114
Raven Guard
Black Corax (missing, left for Eye of Terror) Deliverance
(renamed- originally Lycaeus. Moon of Kiavahr forge world)
Deliverance (Ravenspire tower) Guerilla Warfare.
Geneseed Flaw (no Mucranoid, Betcher's, mutated Melanchrome)
Black Guard, Revilers, Raptors WD275 P.96
Alpha Legion
Blue, Green Alpharius (Killed by Guilliman) No Record EOT Infiltration, use of cultists.  13th Black Crusade.
Excommunicate Traitoris
3C:CSM2 p.40

THESE CHAPTERS ARE KNOWN BY NAME ONLY(In italics = from 40K novels):
Absolvers, Adulators, Angels of Damnation, Angels of Penance, Angels of Purgatory, Angels of Repentance, Angels of Retribution, Angels Penitent, Angels Redeemed, Angels Repentant, Angels Resplendant, Angels Revenant, Avengers, Benedictors, Black Inculpators, Contenders, Crimson Shades, Crusaders, Dark Brotherhood, Desert Lions, Dictators, Espandors, Excubants, Execrators, Exemplars, Hounds of Demos, Inculcators, Invictors, Inviolators, Liberators, Lords of Wrath, Oblators, Panthers, Penitents,  Purple Stars, Purgators, RavagersReclaimers, Redeemed, Redeemers, Reparators, Retractors,  Rhetors, Star Leopards, Stone Hearts, Supplicators, Tempestors, Terror Tigers, Tormented, Tormentors, Tributors, Valedictors, Venerators, Venerators of Osiron, Victors, Vindicators, Warriors Tempest.  (57)

These names are assumed to be variants, misspellings or otherwise duplicates of listed names, the listed name mentioned in (parentheses):  Emperor's Scythes (Scythes of the Emperor), Lamentors (Lamenters), Malevolant (Marines Malevolant), Mantis Warriors (Mantis Legion),  Marines Errantor (Marines Errant), Mentor Legion (Mentors), Tiger Claws (Astral Claws),  Warriors Adept (Warrior Adepts).

SOURCES OF INFORMATION.  Where multiple sources exist but are not listed, the source(s) listed is the most current / most detailed.  Entries listed in italics are from novels, or are little more than "example" color schemes  (no real background available).  All other sources are official GW publications including White Dwarf magazine.
Abbreviations explained: WD = White Dwarf, issue # and page #.    RT= 1st Edtition 40K Rogue Trader book.   1Comp.= First Edition 40K compendium (red book).  CA2 = Chapter Approved vol. 2 (2001).  CA3 = Chapter Approved vol. 3 (2003).     2C:U = 2nd Edition Codex: Ultramarines.    2C:AOD = 2nd edition Codex Angels of Death.  2C:Chaos = 2nd Edition Codex: Chaos.    3C:Arm = Codex Armageddon      IAv1= Index Astartes: volume 1 (3rd edition publication).  3C:CSM2= 3rd edition Codex: Chaos Space Marines (2nd edition released 2002). 3C:DH = 3rd Edition Codex: Daemonhunters.  Insig= Insignium Astartes (oversize fluff book). N= Novel (name, page # if applicable) CAP= Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes POSTER

CHAPTER ICON Chapter Colors Notes Base of Operations Founding Descended from: Source
Angels Encarmine
Red Highly active chapter- rarely at full strength . Second (M31) Blood Angels 2C:AOD
Angels of Absolution
White Unforgiven.  Charadon Crusade.  13th BC. . Second (M31) Dark Angels 2C:AOD
Angels of Fire
Crimson . . (M36) .
WD248 p.76
Angels of Redemption
Dark Green / White Halved Unforgiven . Second (M31) Dark Angels 2C:AOD
WD248 p.76
Angels of Vengeance
Black Unforgiven . Second (M31) Dark Angels 2C:AOD
Angels of Vigilance
Tan 13th BC. . (M40) .
WD248 p.76
Angels Porphyr
Blue / White Halved Brother Damos- Dreadnought . (M31) .
WD248 p.76
Angels Sanguine
Red / Black Halved terrible secret.
13th BC.
. Second (M31) Blood Angels 2C:AOD
Angels Vermilion
Crimson History since second founding largely unknown . Second (M31) Blood Angels 2C:AOD
Astral Claws
. Led Badab war revolt.  Became Red Corsairs (Excom- municate).  Lufgt Huron, CMDR. (Huron Blackheart). Badab (forfieted) now Maelstrom . . 1Comp. P.34
Aurora Chapter
Green . . Second (M31) Ultramarines  2C:U
Avenging Sons
Blue Codex Chapter . . . Insig
Black Consuls
Black Codex Chapter . Second (M31) Ultramarines  2C:U
Black Dragons
Black Mutated Ossmodula causes bony crests on head and blades on arms.  Formed into Dragon Claws units. Fleet? 21st (Cursed)  (M36) Salamanders? WD248 p.76
IA:v1 p.7
Black Guard . . . . Second (M31) Raven Guard 3C:SM
Black Talons
. . . . 2C:U
Black Templars
Black, White pads High Marshal Helbrecht, Marshal Actoan Fleet Second (M31) Imperial Fists WD248 p.76
Black Wings
Black/ Dark Red Halved Codex Chapter . . . Insig
Blood Drinkers
Red Codex Chapter .  unknown?  Second (M31)? Blood Angels 2C:AOD
Blood Ravens
Red, White pads Obsessed with aquisition of knowledge.    Azariah Vidya, Father Librarian.  Force Commander Angelos.  Librarians may lead companies. Battle Barge: Onis Arcanum.
R= Cyrene and other Psyker rich worlds.
unknown unknown WD295 p.116
Blood Swords
Red . . . . CAP
Brazen Claw
Red/ Blue Quartered 13th BC. . Second (M31) Iron Hands 2C:U
Brazen Minotaurs
Brass . . . . CAP
Brotherhood of a Thousand
Blue-Grey Codex Chapter . . . Insig
Yellow blended up into red . . (M36-M41) . WD248 p.76
Celestial Lions
Gold, Blue pads . . (M38) . WD248 p.76
Children of Purgatos . Green, flames Renegade Purgatos? . . 3C:CSM2 p.76
Crimson Fists
Dark Blue, Crimson Nearly destroyed by own defense missile (Waaagh! Snagrod). 
Alexis Polux (1st Master).  Master Pedro Kantor. Captain Cortez, Captain Drakken.
Rynn's World 
Recruit World: Blackwater
(Loki Sector,
Segm. Temp)
(previously crusading fortress-Monastery Rutilus Tyrannus).
Second (M31) Imperial Fists WD287 p.86
Crimson Guard
Red / Gold Halved . . . . CAP
Dark Eagles
Olive Green Codex Chapter . . . Insig
Dark Crusaders
Black . . . . 3C:SM p.20
Dark Hands
Grey, black hands
Pale green, black hands / kneepads
Codex Chapter . . . Insig
Dark Hunters
Dark Blue . . . . CAP
Dark Sons
Green / White quartered . . . . CAP
Death Eagles

(Alt: purple, white).

. . . . CAP
Death Knights
Green Codex Chapter . . . Insig
Death Spectres
Black Albino warriors.  13th BC- Siege of Gorgosa (planet Lethilar). . . . IA:v1 p.5
WD283 p. 69
Death Strike
Blue Codex Chapter 

(May be updated Rainbow Warriors)

. . . Insig
Black with Silver left arm, original chapter pad on right Ordo Xenos equivelant of Grey Knights.  First line of defense against ancient alien threats (from the Halo stars mostly). On station in Halo zone and elsewhere . Marines recruited from regular chapters, such as the Mortifactors, Ultramarines, Scythes of the Emperor, and Lamenters. WD259 p.46 or, 
CA2 p.57
Destroyers . . . . Second (M31) White Scars 3C:SM
Doom Eagles
Silver, Red trim Codex Chapter. 
13th BC- Belis Corona subsector, vs. plague of unbelief (Captain Luctus, 3rd Co.)
. Second (M31) . 2C:U
Doom Warriors
Yellow Codex Chapter . . . Insig
Eagle Warriors
Blue/ White Halved Codex Chapter . Second (M31) Ultramarines 3C:SM
Emperor's Hands
Dark Blue . . . . CAP
Emperor's Hawks
Dark Red Codex Chapter . . . Insig
Emperor's Spears
Light Blue . . . . CAP
Emperor's Warbringers
Grey Codex Chapter . . . Insig
Excoriators . . 13th BC. . Astartes Praeses . WD 281 p.74
Black / grey camo Badab War (renegade).  On 100 year penitent crusade.  Homeworld Forfeited to Loyalist chapter. . . 1Comp. P.34
Red Badab War (loyal).
13th BC.
Fleet (M40) . 3C:Arm
Extinction Angels Purple Renegade Invasion of Demios Primary (13th BC) . . 3C:CSM2 p.76
WD287 p.64
Fire Angels
White, Red Badab War (loyal). . . . 1Comp. P.34
Fire Hawks
Yellow, Red flames Lost in Warp 963.M41 
(WD278 lists date as 983)
Became Legion of Damned
Homeworld=Zhoros (X=thermal bombed.)

Mobile Space Fortress "Rapturous Rex" (Lost in Warp)

21st (Cursed) (M36) Ultramarines? WD99 P.39
Fire Lords
Red, Yellow lower arms / legs . . . . CAP
Flame Eagles
Yellow . . . . CAP
Flame Falcons . . Excommunicated within a century of their inception. Mutation: spontaneous combustion. Lethe (southern rim)- cleansed by Grey Knights 21st (Cursed) (M36) . IA:v1 p.13, 
WD278 p.57

Flesh Eaters
Dark Red Rumoured cannibals (omophagea) Third Blood Angels .
Flesh Tearers
Crimson, Black pads Black rage 
Only 4 companies
Planet- Cretacia 
(Barge- Victus)
Second (M31)  Blood Angels IA:v1
Genesis Chapter
Red Codex Chapter . Second (M31) Ultramarines 2C:U
Golden Gryphons
Brass . . . . CAP
Grey Knights
Steel with dark red trim Assigned to Ordo Malleus. 

Bio- engineering, Psycho- surgery used to increase resistance to daemons.

(site of the Librarium Demonica)
Secret- around time of Second (M31)  Adeptus Mechanicus used all new gene seed supposedly from the emperor . Codex: Daemonhunters
Grey Slayers . Grey? Mutants purged from chapter . unknown . Slaves to Darkness P.5
Grief Bringers . Green with purple Chevorns Cmdr. Hachard Vs. Enslavers (Valhall II) . . N: Deathwing (Warped Stars)
Harbingers . . Defense of Piscina IV w/ Dark Angels.  Orks purged from Piscinan belt.  Chapter Master Nimrod Grudge.  Planet and ship assault experts.  13th BC- vs. Death Guard, plague of unbelief. Black Planet. 
Use Battle Barges (Unrelenting Fury)
. . 3C:SM p.44
N:Angels of Darkness p.80
WD281 P.74
WD283 p.71
Hawk Lords
Purple Codex Chapter . . . Insig
Heralds of Ultramar
Blue Codex Chapter . . Ultramarines? Insig
Howling Griffons
Red/ Yellow Quartered Badab War (loyal). 
13th BC.  Chapter master Alvaro- nemesis= Daemon prince Periclitor of the Night Lords.
. . . 1Comp. P.34
WD 283 p.68

CHAPTER ICON Chapter Colors Notes Base of Operations Founding Descended from: Source
Imperial Castellans Offwhite, Blue Codex Chapter . . . Insig
Imperial Paladins Blue Codex Chapter . . . Insig
Imperial Harbingers Dark Grey Codex Chapter . . . Insig
Imperial Stars Purple Codex Chapter . . . Insig
Imperial Talons
Codex Chapter . . . Insig
Inceptors . . . . Second (M31) Ultramarines 3C:SM p.47
Invaders Green Codex Chapter . . . Insig
Iron Champions
Black, Steel pads . . unrecorded .
WD248 p.76
Iron Fists Steel grey Verchen(Chapter Master) . . . CAP
Iron Hearts . . Rubinek (Primarch??) Battle simulator invaded by daemons . . N: Into the Maelstrom p. 199
Iron Knights Steel, Black pads Self imposed penitent crusade. 13th BC. . . . WD 281 p. 74
WD311 p.85
Iron Lords Black, Dark Red legs Codex Chapter . . . Insig
Iron Snakes Steel Codex Chapter.  13th BC. . . . Insig
Knights of Gryphonne Orange Codex Chapter . . . Insig
Knights of the Raven
Silver . . . . CAP
Yellow Ill-Fated.  Badab War (rebel). On 100 year penitent crusade.  Charadon Crusade.  Hive Fleet Kraken (hvy losses) . 21st (Cursed) (M36) Blood Angels? (Sanguineous) 1Comp. P.34, WD278 p.57
Legion of the Damned
Black Undead. Appear from nowhere. Warp Fire Hawks lost in warp in 40,963  Was Fire Hawks
WD99 P.39
Libators . . . . Second (M31) Ultramarines 3C:SM
Lion Warriors Gold . . . . CAP
Mantis Legion
Green Badab War (rebel). On 100 year penitent crusade Homeworld Forfeited to loyal chapter . . 1Comp. P.34
Yellow . . Second (M31) White Scars 3C:SM  p.22, 47
Marines Errant
White/blue Halved Charadon Crusade . . . 1Comp. P.34
Marines Exemplar Black, red arms Defending vs. 13th BC.
Chapter Master Cmdr. Maxim Absolon killed - Capt. Raoul in charge now.
. Astartes Praeses . WD 281 p.74
WD 283 p.70
WD311 p.85
Marines Malevolent
Yellow . . (M32) .
WD248 p.76
Masters of Protelus White, Blue Codex Chapter . . . Insig
White, Green Trim Cmdr. Nisk Ranthall
Chapter acts as test bed for new Imperial Hardware.  Squads loaned to other SM, IG
Location of Monastery- Retreat kept Secret. 26TH 
(dark period). 
Chapter 888
. WD98 P.44
1Comp. P.4
Metamarines White, Blue Codex Chapter . . . Insig
Yellow/red striped Berserkers.  Badab War (loyal).  Fleet action vs. Lamenters. . 21st (Cursed) (M36) . 1Comp. P.34, WD278 p.57
Off-white, Black, Yellow trim Veneration of the dead. Recruits are cannibals...
Aurellian- a recruit  taken from Mortifactors by Grey Knights
Sasebo Tezuka- 1st Master.
(Feral world. 
Night World.  Basilica Mortis- Sepulcheral Fortress in orbit over planet)
(M40) .
WD248 p.76, WD277 p. 93
N- Warriors of Ultramar
Nemesis . . . . Second (M31) Ultramarines .
Night Watch . . Defending vs. 13th BC. . (Astartes Praeses) WD 281 p.74
White/ Blue quartered Badab War (loyal).
13th BC.
. Second (M31) Ultramarines 1Comp. P.34
3C:SM  p.47
Omega Marines
Black / White halved . . (M40) .
WD248 p.76
Patriarchs of Ulixis . . . . Second (M31) Ultramarines 3C:SM  p.47
Praetors of Orpheus White . Orpheus (world) Second (M31) Ultramarines 3C:SM p.47,
The Pyre . Orange Renegade . . . 3C:CSM2 p.76
Rainbow Warriors
Blue . . . . RT
Red Facial Scars . Second (M31) White Scars 3C:SM  p.22, 47
Olive Green
Blue with yellow pads, hands, lower legs
. . (M31) Raven Guard
WD248 p.76


Red Hunters Red Codex Chapter . . . Insig
Red Legion
Red . . . . CAP
Red Scorpions
Red Badab War (loyal) Carab Culln (CMDR) . . . 1Comp. P.34
Red Talons Red . . Second (M31) Iron Hands 3C:SM  p.22, 47
Red Templars Red Codex Chapter . . . Insig
Red Wolves Dark Red Codex Chapter . . . Insig
Steel, black pads Rumored to use the power of chaos against itself, including wielding daemon weapons.  Defending vs. 13th BC (Xersia) . (M36) 
Astartes Praeses
WD248 p.76
WD281 p.74
Grey . . Second (M31) Raven Guard 3C:SM  p.22, 47
Sable Swords Black, white kneepads . . . . CAP
Scythes of Emperor
Black, Yellow Hive Fleet Kraken (hvy losses)
Chapter Master Thorcyra.
Sotha (destroyed by Tyranids). 
May have relocated to Miral Prime.
. . .
Silver Eagles . . May actually be Doom Eagles (typo?) . Second (M31) Ultramarines .
Silver Skulls
Steel, black pads Charadon Crusade Recruit from Garanda II exact date unknown (M31) Ultramarines WD248 p.76
Skull Bearers Tan Codex Chapter . . . Insig
Sons of Antaeus . Grey and Black Augmented Skeletons.  Third Inter-Guild War of the Inca Sector, 850-901.M41 Ultima Segmentum? 21st (Cursed) (M36) ?  (as resilient as the Death Guard...) WD278 p.58
Sons of Guilliman
Blue / White Quartered . . (M33) Ultramarines?
WD248 p.76
Sons of Malice . White Renegade.  13th BC. Scelus (near EOT, Perditia) . . 3C:CSM2 p.76
WD 281 p. 72
Sons of Medusa
Green Badab War (loyal) Medusa? . Iron Hands?? 1Comp. P.34
Sons of Orar Dark Red, white pads . . . . CAP
Soul Drinkers (chalice) Purple, Bone Renegade Fleet?  Glory (X)
Brokenback (Space Hulk)
. Imperial Fists N: Soul Drinker
Space Sharks
Grey Badab War (loyal) . . . 1Comp. P.34
Star Dragons
Blue Codex Chapter . . . CAP
Star Phantoms . . Badab War (loyal) . . . .
Star Scorpions . As Mentors? Devastated by Warp Entities when fleet trapped in warp.
Redundant Gene Seed leads to demise.
. 25th 
Original bearer of Chapter # 888
. WD 98
Steel Cobras . Dark Brass Renegade . . . 3C:CSM2 p.76
Storm Callers Red Codex Chapter . . . Insig
Storm Giants
Off-White . . (M41) Salamanders?  White Scars? 3C:Arm
WD248 p.76
Storm Hawks
White . . . . CAP
Storm Lords
White / Red Halved . . Second (M31) White Scars 3C:SM p.47
WD248 p.76
Storm Warriors
Codex Chapter.  13th BC. . . . CAP
Storm Wings
Silver . . . . CAP
Green Assisted by Sons of Antaeuos Vs. Eldar Pirates (Void Dragons).  Cpt. Rakman.
Newly formed chapter.  13th BC- Detonating Ramilies class star fort to prevent capture.
Space Borne (Astartes Praeses) . WD278 p.58
WD281 p.74
Off-White, Black lower legs . . . . CAP
Tigers Argent
Silver . . . . CAP
Thunder Barons . . Renegade . . . N: Soul Drinker
Violators . Blue Renegade.  13th BC. . . . 3C:CSM2 p.76
WD281 P.72
War Bearers Olive Green Codex Chapter . . . Insig
Warmongers Green / Blue Quartered Codex Chapter . . . Insig
Warrior Adepts Blue/ Dark Red Quartered . . . . Insig
Warp Ghosts . Faded Grey Renegade. 13th BC (Agripinaa system). . . . 3C:CSM2 p.76
WD281 p.72
White Consuls
White 13th BC. . Second (M31)
Astartes Praeses
Ultramarines 3C:SM  p.22, 47
White Minotaurs Brass . . . . CAP
White Panthers
Black, White . . recent . 2C:U
White Templars White . . . . CAP
Wolf Brothers . . Disbanded due to genetic instability . Second (M31) Space Wolves 2C:SW


765.M41:  Chapter Losses to date:  13 Lost in warp, 21 Irrecoverable battle losses, 9 Gene seed failure, 4 Inquisitorial purge, 16

There have reportedly been 26 foundings so far.
M31- FIRST- PROGENITOR.   (?)-    Legions made up from gene seed samples of the primarchs, even while primarchs scattered and undiscovered.
M31- SECOND- PRIMOGENITOR.  (30,021)- Legions split up into chapters.  It is unclear whether new chapters were built up from gene seed as well.
????- THIRTEENTH- DARK FOUNDING.  Unknown number or fate of chapters.
M36? TWENTY-FIRST.  Known as the Cursed Founding.  Occurs shortly before the age of apostasy (which was in early M36).
M41- (40, 736)- TWENTY-SIXTH.
Astartes Praeses- a group of 20 chapters formed with the express purpose of of guarding the Eye of Terror.

    According to 2nd edition background,  9 of the Primarchs "survived" the Horus Heresy- the rest died or fled into the Eye of Terror.   We know that Sanguinius and Horus died.   We also know (as of WD 261) that Ferrus Manus is presumed dead at Isstvan V (though his body may have been recovered and taken to Mars). We know that Guilliman, Jonson, Khan, Russ, Dorn, Vulkan, and Corax survived (especially since they are mentioned in the most recent Black Templars background).    That  makes 7 loyal primarchs.  The other two could be those from the deleted records (the 2nd and 11th legions).    The more likely possibility is that Konrad Curze and Alpharius count as survivors, as they did not become Daemon Princes nor were they killed until AFTER the heresy.
    Note also that the 2nd edition background indicates that of those 9 primarchs, all of them had died (or disappeared?) after 1400 years (of being  created, presumably).  Their remains have since become relics, particularly the tomb of Roboute Guilliman.  Rumours exist of the possibility that Lemann Russ, Ferrus Manus, Corax, and Lion El' Jonson will return some day, of course...
   Six of the Traitor Primarchs have gone on to become Daemon Princes (Fulgrim, Angron, Mortarion, Magnus the Red, Perturabo, Lorgar).  Konrad Curze is confirmed dead (by an Assassin) according to background in the 2nd Edition Chaos codex and the 3rd edition Assassin codex, though he was killed after the heresy, not during.  The IA article on the Alpha Legion settles the fate of Alpharius- killed in single combat by Roboute Guilliman after the Horus Heresy.  Guilliman was in turn killed by the daemon prince Fulgrim, long after the heresy was over.
Killed during Horus Heresy Loyalists that Survived Heresy Killed after  Heresy Daemon Princes Missing
Sanguinius, Horus, (Ferrus Manus) Guilliman, Jonson, Khan, Russ, Dorn, Vulkan, and Corax Curze, Alpharius, Guilliman Fulgrim, Angron, Mortarion, Magnus the Red, Perturabo, Lorgar Jonson, Khan, Russ, Manus, Vulkan, Corax

According to various backgrounds (which all agree on this point), Horus had Five Legions that had sided with him (and against the Emperor) before the Isstvan V event.  Seven legions were sent against him at Isstvan V- Four of which changed sides and joined Horus (referred to most recently in the second printing of the 3rd Edition Codex Chaos Space Marines, and the Index Astartes: Raven Guard- WD 275 p.101), the other Three of which were destroyed (more on that later).
(role unknown)
Sons of Horus (Horus' own Legion)
Night Lords
Word Bearers
Alpha Legion
Thousand Sons (attacked by Space Wolves prior to conflict)
Iron Warriors
Emperor's Children (corrupted by Horus just before conflict)
World Eaters (Recruited instead of subdued by Horus)
Death Guard
Iron Hands
Raven Guard
Ultramarines, White Scars, Imperial Fists, Blood AngelsDark Angels, Space Wolves Legion #2
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According to IA: Word Bearers (WD 269 p.113), the Word Bearers were the first legion to be corrupted by Chaos.    The Night Lords are stated to have gone renegade before the Horus Heresy even broke out.  The Word Bearers were already followers of Chaos before officially joining Horus, and had also sent a massive force against the Ultramarines homeworlds around this time.  The Emperor's Children were reportedly corrupted by Horus when they were sent to bargain for peace right before the conflict.   The Iron Warriors themselves are specifically said to turn at Isstvan V. The only conflict with the information above is the turning of the World Eaters, whom Horus was sent to subdue before Isstvan V, and he recruits them instead.  It seems unlikely that anyone would send the World Eaters to subdue Horus after they had previously sent Horus to subdue the World Eaters.

With the advent of Decipher's Horus Heresy CCG (and corresponding art book), some of the classic background surrounding Horus and the legions has been brought back into light (though it appears to conflict with the background from the Index Astartes articles on some points).  In summary, Horus was wounded on Davin and tended to by the warrior lodges there, who converted Horus to the worship of Chaos.  Horus then had marines from the Emperor's children, World Eaters, and Death Guard inducted into these warrior lodges.  When Horus and these three legions were sent to subdue a tyrant on Isstvan III, Horus and the other corrupted primarchs agreed to eliminate the marines in their legions known to still be loyal to the Emperor.  The loyalists were sent to subdue the planet, and after they succeeded, the traitor ships virus bombed Isstvan III.  It did not kill all the loyalist marines though, and a handful of Emperor's Children, World Eaters, and Death Guard loyalists were still on board the orbiting ships.  Led by Captain Garro of the Death Guard, these loyalists escaped on the frigate Eisenstein to  warn the Emperor of this betrayal.  Some of the loyal Emperor's Children marines (led by captain Tarvitz I believe)  made their way to the planet surface in a Thunderhawk, to tell their suriviving brethren of the betrayal.  A bloody fight ensued over the wasted ruins of Isstvan III when the traitors dropped to the planet to wipe out their loyalist brothers.  The Isstvan III massacres were the first (and possibly last) time marines of the same Legion fought on both sides of a conflict.

The Index Astartes articles name these legions, nullifying my original assumption that two of the three Legions destroyed at Isstvan V are the ones Deleted from Records (Number 2 and 11).  In the Iron Hands IA article (WD 261), it is clearly stated that Ferrus Manus and his veterans spearheaded the attack on Horus' forces along with 2 other Legions (and later refers to the Salamanders and Raven Guard legions).   This information is confirmed in the Raven Guard IA (WD 275, p.99).
    Since only a small force of  Iron Hands could get to Isstvan V in time, the rest of the Legion survived the massacre, carrying on to this day and yielding successor chapters even though Ferrus Manus was killed in the conflict.   The Salamanders continue on (though they have no known successor chapters!)-  Vulkan survived the heresy according to the background in Codex: Armageddon (under the Black Templars of all places), so it was possible for the Salamanders to be built back up from almost nothing if need be.  The Raven Guard Legion was shattered, but Corax survived, and resorted to accelerated Zygote development only to create monsters which were never spoken of.  The Raven Guard operated in small squads behind enemy lines until they could finally build up their forces again, nearly a century after the end of the Horus Heresy.  They also welcomed the Index Astartes principle of breaking up the legions, forming 3 successor chapters.

In addition to chemical treatment, hypnotherapy, and training, nineteen organs were developed during the original creation of the superhuman breed known as Space Marines.  Over the millenia, some chapters have lost some of these organs to geneseed flaw or other issues.  The presence (and deterioration) of some of these organs defines some space marine chapters.

1.  Secondary Heart. The secondary heart is capable of boosting the blood supply or maintaining full life functions even with the destruction of the recipients original heart. The phase 1 implant enables Marines to survive low oxygen concentrations and traumatic injury.

2.  Ossmodula. This is a small sized tubular shaped organ. The Ossmodula monitors and secretes hormones affecting epiphyseal fusion and ossification of the skeleton. At the same time, the specially engineered hormones encourage the forming bones to absorb ceramic based chemicals administered in the Marines diet. Two years following implantation, this will have caused considerable strengthening of the long-bones; extreme ossification of the chest cavity (caused by growth of the ribs forming a solid mass of inter-laced bone plates) and a general increase in the size of the recipients skeleton.

3.  Biscopea. This organ is implanted into the chest cavity. It is small, approximately circular and, like the Ossmodula its primary action is hormonal to stimulate muscle growth throughout the body.

4.  Haemastamen. This tiny organ is implanted into a main blood vessel. The Haemastamen serves two purposes. It monitors and to some degree controls the phase 2 and 3 implants. The organ also alters the constituent make-up of the recipients blood. As a result, Marine blood is considerably more efficient than ordinary human blood, as it has to be when you consider the extra biological hardware a Marine carries inside him.

5.  Larraman Organ. This is a liver shaped, dark, fleshy organ about the size of a golf ball. It is implanted into the chest cavity along with a complicated array of blood vessels. The organ generates and stores special Larraman cells. If the recipient is wounded, these cells are released into the blood stream. They are transported to the site of a wound. Once in contact with air, the Larraman cells form a skin substitute of instant scar tissue, stopping the flow of blood and protecting exposed wound area.

6. Catalepsean Node. This brain implant is usually inserted into the back of the skull via a hole drilled into the occipital bone. The pea-sized organ influences the circadian rhythms of sleep and the bodies response to sleep deprivation. Normally a Marine sleeps like any normal man, but if deprived of sleep, the Catalepsean node cuts in. A man implanted with the node is capable of sleeping and remaining awake at the same time by switching off areas of the brain sequentially. This process cannot replace normal sleep entirely, but increases a Marines survivability by allowing perception of the environment whilst resting.

7.  Preomnor. The Preomnor is a large implant which fits into the chest cavity. It is a pre-digestive stomach which allows the Marine to eat a variety of otherwise poisonous or indigestible materials. No actual digestion takes place in the Preomnor. Individual sensory tubes assess potential poisons and neutralize them or where necessary, isolate the Preomnor from the rest of the digestive tract.

8.  Omophagea. This complicated implant becomes part of the brain, but is actually situated within the spinal cord between the cervical and thoracic vertebrae. Four nerve sheaths called neuroglia are implanted between the spine and the Preomnor wall. The Omophagea is designed to absorb genetic material generated in animal tissue as a function of memory, experience or innate ability. A Marine can actually learn by eating. Incidentally, it is the presence of this organ which has created the various flesh and blood drinking rituals for which the Marines are famous, as well as giving the names to Chapters such as the Blood Drinkers, Flesh Tearers etc.

9.  Multi-lung. This is another large implant. The multi-lung, or third lung, is a tubular grey organ. Blood is pumped through the organ via connecting vessels grafted onto the recipients pulmonary system. Atmosphere is taken in by means of a sphincter located in the trachea. In toxic atmospheres, an associated sphincter muscle closes the trachea and restricts normal breathing, thus protecting the lungs. The multi-lung is able to absorb oxygen from poorly oxygenated or poisonous air. Most importantly it is able to do this without suffering damage thanks to its own efficient toxin dispersal, neutralization and regeneration systems.

10.  Occulobe. This small slug-like organ sits at the base of the brain. It provides the hormonal and genetic stimuli which enable a Marines eyes to respond to optic-therapy. The Occulobe does not itself improve a Marin's eyesight, but it allows technicians to make adjustments to the growth patterns of the eye and the light-receptive retinal cells. An adult Marine has far better eyesight than a normal human, and can see in low light conditions almost as well as in daylight.

11. Lyman's Ear. The organ enables a Marine to consciously enhance and even filter certain types of background noise. Not only is hearing improved, but a Marine cannot become dizzy or nauseous as a result of extreme disorientation.

12.  Sus-an Membrane. This flat, circular organ is implanted over the top of the exposed brain. It then grows into the brain tissue until completely merged. The organ is ineffective without subsequent chemical therapy and training. However, a properly tutored Marine may then enter into a state of suspended animation. This may be a conscious action, or may happen automatically in the event of extreme physical trauma. In this condition a Marine may survive for many years, even if bearing otherwise fatal injuries. Only appropriate chemical therapy and auto-suggestion can revive a Marine from this state - a Marine cannot revive himself.

13.  The Melanochrome, or Melanochromic Organ, is hemispherical and black. It monitors radiation levels and types bombarding the skin, and if necessary, sets off chemical reactions to darken the skin to protect it from ultraviolet exposure. It also provides limited protection from other forms of radiation.  Some

14.  Oolitic Kidney. This red-brown and heart shaped organ improves and modifies the Marines circulatory system enabling other implants to function effectively. The Oolitic Kidney also filters blood extremely efficiently and quickly. The secondary heart and Oolitic Kidney are able to act together, performing an emergency detoxification program in which the Marine is rendered unconscious as his blood is circulated at high speed. This enables a Marine to survive poisons and gases which are otherwise too much for even the multi-lung to cope with.

15.  Neuroglottis. Although the Preomnor protects a Marine from digesting anything too deadly, the Neuroglottis enables him to assess a potential food by taste. The organ is implanted into the back of the mouth. By chewing, or simply by tasting, a Marine can detect a wide variety of natural poisons, some chemicals and even the distinctive odours of some creatures. To some degree a Marine is also able to track a target by taste alone.

16.  Mucranoid. This small organ is implanted in the lower intestine where its hormonal secretions are absorbed by the colon. These secretions initiate a modification of the sweat glands. This modification normally makes no difference to the Marine until activated by appropriate chemical therapy. As a result of this treatment the Marine sweats an oily naturally cleansing substance which coats the skin. This protects the Marine against extremes of temperature and even offers a slight degree of protection in vacuum. Mucranoid chemical therapy is standard procedure on long space voyages and when fighting in vacuum or near vacuum.

17.  Betchers Gland. Two of these identical glands are implanted, either into the lower lip, alongside the salivary glands or into the hard palette. Betchers Gland works in a similar way to the poison gland of venomous reptiles by synthesizing and storing deadly poison. Marines are rendered immune to this poison by the glands presence. The gland allows the Marine to spit a blinding contact poison. The poison is also highly acidic and corrosive. A Marine imprisoned behind iron bars could easily chew his way out given an hour or so.

18.  Progenoid. There are two of these glands, one situated in the neck, the other deep within the chest cavity. These glands are important to the survival of the Marines Chapter. Each organ grows within the Marine, absorbing hormonal stimuli and genetic material from the other implants. After five years the neck gland is mature and ready for removal. After ten years the chest gland becomes mature and is also ready for removal. A gland may be removed anytime after it has matured. These glands represent a Chapters only source of gene-seed. When mature, each gland contains a single gene-seed corresponding to each zygote implanted into the recipient Marine. Once removed by surgery, the Progenoid must be carefully prepared, its individual gene-seeds checked for mutation, and stored.  Since the survival of a chapter depends on these glands, they are universally present in all conteporary chapters.

19.  Black Carapace. This is the last and the most distinctive implant. It looks like a film of black plastic when it is growing in the tanks. This is removed from its culture-solution and cut into sheets which are implanted directly beneath the skin of the Marines torso. Within a few hours the tissue expands, hardens on the outside, and sends invasive neural bundles deep inside the Marine. After several months the carapace will have matured and the recipient is then fitted with neural sensors and transfusion points cut into the hardened carapace. These artificial plug-in points mesh with features integral to the powered armour, such as the monitoring, medicinal and maintenance units. Without the benefit of a black carapace a Space Marines armour is relatively useless, so every functional chapter has Black Carapace implants.