A rather unpleasant chunk of Chaos scenery. The Blood Pool is based on an Alien Queen's Lair toy, with loads of Skeleton Warrior bits (Skeleton Warriors was a short-lived Action Figure line). The spikes are toothpicks (cockail sticks). The blood is a gloss red enamel paint, with an extra coat of gloss laquer added over it. The poor little skeletons in the pool are Warhammer plastic skeletons (you'll see these poor tortured guys in all my chaos scenery).

Here's a back view of the blood pool. You can see more skulls- two are plastic novelty rings, the other is part of a Spawn Total Chaos action figure. The bony ribbing on the right is actually flexible tubing (for sheathing wiring), cut in half lengthwise and added on. I usually paint bones with a white base coat, a hasty brown wash, and then a white drybrush for a sharp finish. The chain ladders are made of heavy duty jewelry chain, with short sections of toothpick shoved through each link and painted up with metallic enamels.

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