The black tower has lots of ladders, but each is topped with some nasty spikes. The disturbing biological shapes down the center of each tower face are vacu-formed plastic panels with a very Tyranid-esque look to them. Tyranid styling works great for Chaos if you just paint it dark enough, by the way. The spikes are from the Battlewagon Track sprues (only available in the Gorka Morka Bitz set). You can see more spikes on the Necropolis in the background. The bridges behind the tower were made from shelf brackets, Battlemasters plastic chaos warriors, plastic forks, wedding cake columns, and other bits. I primed both these pieces in black, then drybrushed with dark red, grey, steel, and gold for various tones. The white bits are painted white, then washed with brown.  Also be sure to check out the "lighting"  mods made to this piece and the pieces below!

To supplement the bridges, I made these two towers.  The main body are plastic 3" lattice column pieces,  made by Wilton enterprises. (look under Wedding Shop: Pillars).  The skulls are candle holders.  The crow's nests were made from old dot matrix printer rollers.  The spikes are wire mesh screening for rain gutters, cut to size and glued around the inside of the printer roller pieces.  The rib cages at the base are from an old Skeleton Warriors toy (the jet bike, I believe).  The cupolas on the front are made of plastic step pieces from wedding cake decorations.  The spikes and dangling chain details are from the Chaos Rhino sprue (which I highly recommend for detailing chaos scenery).  These pieces are ideal for placing at the end of bridges, on either side of gates, or anywhere your chaos heavy weapons troops need a place to hang out.

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