Imperial Gun Batteries are impressive fortifications on their own, but they also form an essential part of any planetary defense system.  Each  armored turret holds two autoloading battle cannons, and with proper command and control systems, can engage a wide range of targets including Titans, Armor, Infantry, and even enemy Landing Craft.

In addition to the main guns, close defense Heavy Bolter turrets are commonly employed, in combination with ground infantry, to protect the gun batteries from would-be saboteurs.

The armored bastion and the turrets themselves have access hatches on the rear, away from enemy fire.   Crew operate from inside the armored turrets, avoiding enemy fire, and the dangers of the mechanical drive systems on the tightly spaced turrets.

The Imperial Gun Battery is an easy terrain project to make.  Look to these pages in the future for instructions on how to make your own, or purchase one ready-made and painted right now!

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