Inspired by pirate shows like One Piece, Arcadia is a world of seas and ships to travel them.
Starting with various Megabloks pirate ships, we removed the telltale studs from decks, replaced any missing parts, and added room for minis to stand.
We also repainted many of them, and weathered them with dark brown enamel washes and tan drybrushing.

To complete this Flying Dutchman, one of the decks was replaced with fiberboard detailed with coffee stir sticks.

Our second ship, dubbed the Blackmarrow, has changed hands several times during the campaign.

The Blackmarrow was heavily converted, extending the aft Castle, and chopping the bottom off the boat so it sat lower in the water.

The Blackmarrow's sails are made from pillowcases, cut to size and mounted to masts made from wooden dowels, and stained with brown enamel washes for weathering.

For our next ship, the Stormstalker, we replaced the figurehead shark with a toy dragon, and
leveled out the floors for more places to stand.

Our latest ship, the Cerulean,  is more of a Merchant class, but has plenty of room on deck for action.  The ship is a conversion of a Megabloks Black Pearl, with custom sails.

Adventures also take place on land, so we are working on more diverse vessels for travel.  These airships were made using Foam rubber Football toys, tied with string stiffened with white glue, and a ship's crow's nest attached at the bottom.

In Arcadia, the ancients fought with giant, dark magic powered machines called Titans. 
The PCs in our campaign have already rediscovered the awe, and terror, of Panzers- half-living Titans created by ancient Panjandran humans with forbidden technology.

All the Panzer models are originally figures from the Panzer World Galient anime.  Aside from minor weapon conversions and rebasing, they have just a dark brown wash to bring out the details.

These Devourer Titans are a more sinister form of Panzer, capable of consuming souls as fuel for their weaponry.

The bodies are guns from a GW Forgefiend, attached to legs from Final Faction Synthoid figures, and shields added as leg covers.

The next wave of Titans to terrorize Arcadia, Aurans are living machines created by the ancient Aelvyns.

All the Auran figures are originally from the Aura Battler Dunbine anime.  A wash and sponge stipple paint job adds depth to the original colors. Some figures also have minor head or weapon swaps.

These Zwarth figures were originally too small, and had their torsos and arms replaced with parts from some cheap Final Faction action figures.  The smaller Larval forms are also from Final Faction.  A dark red stipple paint job unifies the parts and gives them a sinister look.